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School benchmarking data from EI Asset results 2017

posted 17 Feb 2018, 09:38 by Webmaster Alqamar   [ updated 18 Feb 2018, 00:15 ]

MashaAllah, Al Qamar students outperformed national, zonal and state benchmarks in the EI Asset Exams for English, Maths & Science in the Winter 2017 round. Alhamdulillah, this has been the performance for the last 6 years.

Key Highlights:

* 1 Outstanding Performance - top 1%
* 4 Distinguished Performances - top 5%
* 11 Creditable Performances - top 15%
* 30% of the students rank in the top 15%
* 75% of the students rank in the top 50% in one or more subjects

This stellar performance is due to the focus on real independent learning, and the absence of exams, homework or stress.

National Benchmarks

South Region Benchmarks

State Benchmarks

Cambridge IGCSE Results 2016-17

posted 12 Feb 2018, 17:15 by Webmaster Alqamar

Aisha Safia Jamal
Environmental ScienceA*

Siddiqa Hussain
Environmental Science

Students excel in Russian School of Mathematics competition

posted 9 Feb 2018, 03:55 by Webmaster Alqamar

MashaAllah superb performance by Safwan, Grade 5 & Hanan, Grade 4 in the Russian School of Maths competition, 2018!

Supernova '18, Al Qamar's interschool STEM fest held

posted 31 Jan 2018, 07:23 by Webmaster Alqamar

MashaAllah Supernova '18, Al Qamar's STEM fest went off beautifully. 13 schools participated in this brain buzzing, mind spinning 2 day event in which challenges kids showcased their mathematical thinking, engineering creativity and logical thinking.

The Maker Fest had a challenge where children had to make a "water vehicle which carries a treasure across water, using junk material" had some very interesting results - where participants made rafts with thermocol, sponge, ice cream sticks and propelled using balloons. Al Fajr International won the 1st Prize with I Max, Royapettah coming 2nd and UPS third.

The Strategy Games were a grueling test of mental agility. One key purpose was to reintroduce children to paper and pencil games which are sadly dying out due to the usage of tablets, mobiles and computers. The participants battled it out from 9am till 3:30 - playing several challenging strategy games Snap Cubes and Sprouts. Students from Unity Public, KP Ilm, Knowledge Academy and Al Qamar Academy qualified for the finals. Unity Public School emerged the winner with Knowledge Academy in the 2nd and KP Ilm in the 3rd place.

Day 2 started with the Math Olympiad. About 80 teams from 12 schools participated. The prelims paper paper was well balanced and 15 teams from - KP Ilm, Sana Model School, Al Fajr International, Al Qamar Academy, Unity Public School, MWA, emerged as finalists. The finals were extremely challenging to say the least and had participants spend over an hour on just 8 problems of increasing complexity. The team from Al Fajr emerged as winners with Sana Model School in the 2nd place and another team from Al Fajr in the 3rd place.

The Science quiz was held in the afternoon with 30 teams participating. With 7 teams from KP Ilm, MWA, Al Fajr International, Al Qamar Academy and and Unity Public School qualified for the finals. The quiz questions tested the scientific thinking, conceptual understanding and inference ability in the participants which included real live demos of physics problems. The team from Al Fajr won the 1st place with Unity Public School in the 2nd place and MWA in the 3rd place.

Al Qamar students were honorary participants and not eligible for any prizes.

A very interesting talk on "How to mould a smart child" was given by Hauroon Jamal, B.Tech IIT Madras & Director of Al Qamar Academy which focussed on the do's and don'ts of parenting a bright child. Safwan Samsudeen, Al Qamar's latest Asset Talent Scholar was also honoured during the event. Our students put up booths to demonstrate board games they had designed themselves. Another booth showcased the books authored by Al Qamar children.

InshaAllah, Supernova will be an annual event and set a high benchmark for STEM challenges in Chennai.

All praise is to Allah SWT for his constant blessing, mercy, guidance and help.

Al Qamar student honoured as an Asset Talent Scholar

posted 31 Jan 2018, 07:20 by Webmaster Alqamar

Safwan Samsudeen, Grade 5, of Al Qamar Academy, has been awarded the title of an Asset Talent Scholar.

Students scoring in the top 5 percentile in the prestigious Asset Talent Search exam are given this recognition. Safwan's performance placed him above 1,42,000 students in grades 5-7 in India & Middle East who took the exam.

The performance makes Safwan eligible for summer programs in top American colleges like Northwestern, University of California, Berkeley, Purdue and others as well as the Asset Summer Program in India.

MashaAllah he is the 5th student from Al Qamar to be awarded this recognition. Alhamdulillah, Al Qamar has had an Asset Talent Scholar consistently for the past 5 years.

All praise is to Allah SWT.

Annual Sports Day 2017

posted 12 Nov 2017, 23:21 by Webmaster Alqamar

The Annual Sports Day was celebrated on October 20th 2017 at the Quaide Milleth College Sports Grounds.

Montessori had fun races which integrated skills picked up in their Montessori environments - threading beads, sorting colour sticks etc besides running races.

Older students had exciting relays, obstacle races and 100m races.  

Throwball, Cricket  and Tug of War matches had been played earlier.

The highlight of the day were the Moms' races and Dads' races.

Country Research Presentations

posted 12 Nov 2017, 23:06 by Webmaster Alqamar

Upper Elementary students at All Qamar Academy presented fantastic country research projects last Wednesday.

Featured countries included Spain, Japan, Iran, Argentina, Mexico, Kenya and Australia.

Children researched and presented the geographical features,  political set up, history,  food, dress, and many interesting facts about their country. Several students dressed up in the national attire - we met a Japanese doll, a matador, a Maori, a Kenyan lady, an Argentine gaucho, and an Iranian gentleman. Students  greeted "visitors" with sentences spoken in Swahili, Japanese and Spanish. We relished the green tea and the Argentine chimichurri sauce.

The highlight was the bullfight - one kid was the Matador and another was the bull. The team sold tickets in Euros - and other country nationals had to convert their own (fake)  currency to purchase tickets to the show.

Absolutely fantastic work by the kids!! They totally rock

Al Qamar students participate in the Global Math Week

posted 17 Oct 2017, 23:19 by Webmaster Alqamar

Students at Al Qamar Academy were among the 1 million students from across the globe to participate in the Global Math Week. (https://www.theglobalmathproject.org/)

To start with Rafia Riaz , the maths teacher showed the exploding dots 1-2 machine video to the 4-7th grade children. They were fascinated. And started exploring with their own numbers.

On another day, Rafia took them further with the 1-3 machine. The children then proceeded to experiment with the 1-4, 1-5, 1-6 machines on their own with their friends. At the 1-10, they realised that its the system we use.

Children continued the thinking at home. One parent reports that guests to their home are greeted with an explanation of the 1-2 machine!

The neat thing - children who were previously not interested in Math, showed a burst of enthusiasm. Can we ask for more?

Students participate in Global Math Week

posted 17 Oct 2017, 23:15 by Webmaster Alqamar

K-4 students at Al Qamar Academy, Chennai, India had a wonderful time doing #Gmw2017 activities using Matific. Thanks Rasmi Suhail for setting it all up.

Al Qamar is a Montessori school so children work with concrete material to learn Math concepts. Matific was an extension of their work. They enjoyed applying what they've learned to play games and collect rewards.

The biggest benefit was for children who previously didn't enjoy Maths.

Feedback from parents included "he read, comprehended and then did the Maths", "all I'm hearing all day is plus and minus", "learning new ways of doing maths", "Wanted more",

Thanks Matific for enabling younger ones to also take part in the #Gmw2017.  For more information, visit www.matific.com

Ecology class visits Sorrel Nursery

posted 16 Oct 2017, 00:04 by Webmaster Alqamar

5-7th graders visited the Sorrel Nursery on the ECR to learn about terrariums - as a part of the Ecology Class taught by Tariq Akbar. The children had a fantastic time and hope to construct a terrarium in school and in their own homes! Way to go Tariq!

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