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Maker Fest competition held

posted 19 Aug 2017, 21:08 by Webmaster Alqamar
The Grand Al Qamar Maker Fest was held after the Independence Day celebrations.  9 teams from Grades 4-7 participated.  The Challenge : Make "something" which will bring an egg down safely when launched from the terrace.All teams were provided with an indentical set of supplies. And had one and a half hours to make their invention. The winning criteria - the egg must not break or crack, the least amount of material used, the most innovative engineering.
The Rocky Boyz came up with a plastic bag stuffed with balloons. The Funky's Play had a neat straw and sponge lined tray. The Purple Pygmy Puffs stuffed their egg into a plastic funnel and lined the sides with semi blown up balloons.  The Challengerz Playz and Dragon Warriors - both from the 4th grade - had simple solutions - a plastic bag parachute carrying a funnel with the egg. 

The teams had IITian Hauroon Jamal judging their inventions.  Finally, he chose the simplest and most effective inventions by the Dragon Warriors and the Challengerz Playz!