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Math in the Montessori: Training for mothers held

posted 22 Jan 2013, 02:21 by Webmaster Alqamar   [ updated 22 Jan 2013, 02:21 ]
The Monthly Montessori Mothers training was held on 19th January 2013. The topic was "Maths in the Montessori environment".
The session started with the demonstration of the pre-prep activities from Sensorial materials. Some volunteers from the moms were blindfolded and asked to do the cyclinder blocks. They saw how difficult is is to catagorize objects by size and dimension and understood the internal learning the material brings for the child.
Another mother worked with the trinomial cube which builds the spatial sense for children and lays the foundation for the algetbric expression the child will encounter later.
"The teaching of arithmatic in Montessori is an international methodology which is used in the same way in all pure Montessori schools" said Sr. Aysha, the Montessori Directress. Teaching of arithmatic starts only at 4.5 years after the foundation is laid through preliminary activities.
Mothers were also asked to work with math material from the Montessori environment. They were presented the material which introduces children to the number symbols. Then the mothers were asked to work with the material which teaches odd and even numbers, decimal system and addition in the decimal system.
"MashaAllah today's session has given me a good insight into Math in Montessori" said one mother. Another wanted to have similar sessions organized for the fathers also.