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Math Workshop for Moms and Teachers Held

posted 27 Nov 2010, 05:27 by Webmaster Alqamar   [ updated 27 Nov 2010, 05:34 ]
The workshop on how to teach maths to primary school children using Activity based Methods. The workshop, attended by Al Qamar moms and teachers from various schools was held on Saturday, 27th November 2010. The moderator was Sadiya Saleh from "Learning with a Difference". Ms. Saleh started by having the group brainstorm the pre skills required to do maths - sorting, classifying, 1-1 correspondence, conservation of material etc. She then discussed the importance of Place value and demonstrated it with Jodogyan's Dienes Blocks. The participants were given math problems to solve using material. Both Ms. Jamal and Ms. Saleh stressed the importance of making maths fun and anxiety free.  Children should never be punished for getting the wrong answer, instead the concept should be explained again.  The participants gave very positive feedback about the workshop, Alhamdulillah.