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Pre-history workshop at the Sharma Centre for Heritage Education

posted 16 Mar 2014, 00:22 by Webmaster Alqamar   [ updated 16 Mar 2014, 00:40 ]
The 6th & 7th grade students attended a workshop on pre-history at the Sharma Centre for Heritage Education. The entire workshop was hands on. The students learned how to fabricate stone tools. They used their sharp pieces of flint to cut grass and fruits. The children worked like mini archeologists by sifting dirt in a marked area to find artifacts. The activity they loved most was the cave painting. One group actually got to make their own paints.  

The students never realised that history could be so real and much fun until this visit. Thank you Dr. Pappu and Dr. Kumar for enabling this visit. They children are insisting that they attend ALL your workshops.