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"PREPARING FOR IIT-JEE" Talk held at Al Qamar Academy

posted 10 Sep 2012, 10:28 by Webmaster Alqamar   [ updated 10 Sep 2012, 10:28 ]

Al Qamar Academy in collaboration with iiTeach held a lecture “Preparing for the IIT-JEE” on Sunday 9
th September 2012.  Mr. Hauroon Jamal, B.Tech IIT-Madras was the key speaker.  About 10 schools represented by over 60 students, teachers & parents attended the lecture.

Mr. Jamal started by defining what is the brand value of a B.Tech from an IIT. IITians not only do well in the corporate world, but also in social work, government and other fields. Everyone respects an IITian. Unfortunately, very few students from Tamil Nadu even attempt the exam.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that this may be due to students being too scared to take the JEE. There are many myths that surround the exam” he said.

Mr. Jamal deconstructed these myths– “the exam is too hard”, “You have to prepare from the 9th class itself” “you need to study for 6-10 hours daily for the JEE” et al. 

 “Success in the JEE requires good ability in Maths & Science, confidence,  systematic and sustained effort coupled with some guidance.  The preparation should be focussed and during study time the student should stay away from distractions like Facebook, TV or email. The student should focus 75% of his effort in problem solving ” was his advice.

Mr. Jamal outlined the syllabus for the JEE, the exam structure and effective approaches.  As an example, he asked the students to guess what the cutoff marks were to qualify for a seat out of a total of 480 marks in 2011. Some guessed 400, some 350. The cutoff marks for the JEE 2011 were displayed and to everyone’s surprise, it turned out that candidates getting only 50% of the correct answers got a seat.  This analysis took away some of the fear surrounding the exam.

Mr. Jamal outlined the various ways students prepare themselves for the JEE and discussed the pros and cons of each – self study, postal material, classes, residential model et al.  He said each person is different and has to decide which method suits him.  However, he emphasised that guided self study is the best method in terms of cost, time and mental health. But this method needs self discipline, sustained effort and some personalized guidance.  “In the long term, this is the best method, because the skills you learn by self studying are what you need in IIT and then later in life.” If you feel more comfortable with a teacher driven model than pick a small class where the teacher can personalise it and tailor it to your requirements.