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Preston Students visit Al Qamar to observe teaching methodology

posted 12 Apr 2012, 09:28 by Webmaster Alqamar   [ updated 12 Apr 2012, 09:28 ]

15 IInd year students from Preston College's B.A. Islamic Studies course visited Al Qamar Academy today as a part of their course on "Teaching Methodologies and Educational Psychology" taught by Sr. Sadiya Saleh. The students spent time observing the Montessori and Elementary environments and saw first hand how teaching is done at Al Qamar.  They saw the Montessori children working on Maths, English, Sensorial etc.  In the Elementary environment, the students witnessed a science class where the children were busy conducting an informal experiment, a geography discussion with the children engaged in lively discussion of the countries surrounding the Australian continent and the group discussion on the earthquake yesterday.  The students saw examples of the children's research reports, articles and artifacts from the "Kids Craft Shop".


Later they had a discussion with the management in which their questions were answered.  The ladies were pleasantly surprised at the internal discipline of the Al Qamar students who continued working regardless of the teacher's presence or open door to the playground.  They commented on the informal and friendly relations between the teachers and students and the opportunity given to the children to think and express themselves.  They were very impressed at the children’s research reports and surprised that the work was independently done by the children. They asked how the parents react to this kind of education, how do we motivate children to study what they are not interested in and many other questions.


The Preston students were very excited about the school. Some of them expressed a wish that they had had similar schooling in their childhood. As one student said "I can see that their level of knowledge is much better and infect more to what a traditional school child bears". Another said "This is the best school I have ever visited."


Alhamdulillah the ladies were enthusiastic to go implement the child friendly methodologies when they go into the teaching profession InshaAllah