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Ramadhan in the World Talk : Dubai

posted 9 Aug 2011, 01:19 by Webmaster Alqamar   [ updated 9 Aug 2011, 01:23 ]
Assalamu alaykum!

Yesterday Sr. Fathima Yoosuf came to our school and spoke about Ramadhan in Dubai. She said that one knows when it is Ramadhan because the newspapers print an editorial about it. Restaurants put out notices saying “Ramadhan Kareem. Eat Iftaar here” During Ramadhan, the work hours are shortened  to 2pm every day.   School hours are also shortened to 12pm.  At school, the lunch time is at Dhuhr time so the Muslim children can pray while the others can eat.  In the shopping malls people are fined if they are seen eating food in public during the day.  People in Dubai [Emarathis] have competitions as to who will give most food and money to the poor. Many people – both Muslim and non Muslim = come to eat Iftaar in the mosques. Each one has a big plate of biryani and they have laban and dates and water. They can refill their plates whenever they want. Many of the non Muslims who come to eat are usually very poor and do not have much food in their houses so they go to the mosque because everyone is treated well.   There is a beautiful mosque called Meadows Mosque  in Dubai where Aunty Fathima  went for Tarawih prayers. She said that once you went inside the mosque, you did not feel like coming out.  It is a magnificent place. There is a separate place for men and women.  Usually Tarawih prayers are from 8pm to 10pm but on the 27th of Ramadhan from 9pm – 12am at night.  For the first 15 days of Ramadhan, the Imam of the mosque prays the Dua e Qunoot in the Shafi style where it is prayed at Fajr. In the last 15 days he prays the Dua e Qunoot in the Hanafi style at Witr. After the prayers there is a long dua during which the men and the women cry. All the lights in the masjid are switched off during the dua to remind the people about  how they will feel in the grave.   

My friend, Maryam, who has been to Dubai, said that in the Salman Farsi Mosque it is very nice and cool. The mosque is in a congested area so it doesn’t look nice from the outside. But inside it is so beautiful.  There is a separate place for the ladies who have children and small babies.  There is another place for the rest of the ladies.  The mosque is full of people praying Tarawih.  On the 27th of Ramadhan Tarawih is prayed from 12am in the night to suhoor time.

Aunty Fathima’s talk was very interesting and informative. I learned a lot from it.

by Cub reporter Aisha Safia Jamal 10, years & Maryam Mohammed Anas, 11 years