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Republic Day & Children's Exhibition

posted 28 Jan 2012, 07:05 by Webmaster Alqamar   [ updated 28 Jan 2012, 07:07 ]

Sovereign – means that we the citizens of India can alone decide what we want to do and no other country can tell us what to do” said Aisha Jamal, 10 years, while explaining the meaning of the Preamble to the Indian Constitution during the Republic Day celebrations at Al Qamar Academy, International School held on Thursday 26th January 2012. 

The Chief Guest  was Mrs Rani Venkatesan who has represented the Congress Party in the Legislative Assembly.  The program consisted of flag hoisting by the Chief Guest and singing of the national anthem by the children. This was followed by a Children’s Program consisting of speeches, Quran recitations, Islamic songs, and a karate demonstration.  During  her speech Mrs Venkatesan spoke on the need to reduce the academic stress on children. She decried the prevalence of tuitions which burden a child with studies all day.  Mrs Venkatesan advised parents to ensure that children have enough time beyond school to pursue activities of their choice.   She also told the parents to treat girls and boys equally.  “Both our children are like our two eyes. We need both eyes to see properly”. 

Mrs Venkatesan thereafter inaugurated the Children’s Exhibition which featured the children’s science research projects, geography projects, creative writing, art and craft work by the children. She spent quality time hearing the children discuss their work and asked detailed questions.  Parents and well wishers also viewed the exhibits and were impressed at the confidence of the young children explaining their work.   

Children's Exhibition

Republic Day Celebrations