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Road to Hifz

posted 25 Oct 2010, 08:26 by Webmaster Alqamar   [ updated 25 Oct 2010, 08:35 ]
"Road to Hifz" an event with a panel of 4 Huffaz spoke to a large gathering of adults and children on Sunday 24th August. The focus of the event was to highlight the different, non traditional ways that the hifz was done. Each Hafiz spoke about the value of memorizing the Quran by quoting ayahs and hadith.  Br. Suhail did his hifz while doing his middle schooling. Br. Hammad decided to do hifz simultaneously with his 11th and 12th class.  Br. Umar did his hifz at home from starting at age 6. Br. Abdus Shukur took the traditional route of doing Hifz through a madrasa.  A hafiza also spoke to the ladies about how she completed her hifz.

Br. Hauroon discussed how Al Qamar Academy's approach to learning facilitates the hifz process for children, by individualizing the curriculum and reducing the schooling burden.

MashaAllah it was a superb event and everyone was charged up to go start memorizing the Holy Quran. May this be a sadaqa e jariyah for all the Huffaz who took time from their busy schedules to come speak to us.