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Science Field Trip to the Buckingham Canal

posted 7 Jun 2012, 05:41 by Webmaster Alqamar   [ updated 7 Jun 2012, 05:41 ]
The 5th & 3rd Graders inaugurated the new academic year with a science trip to the backwaters of the Buckingham Canal. This was a part of their Homi Bhabha curriculum's science unit on Water and Life. The children observed and recorded all the living things they saw - from herons, ducks, fish, spiders, ants, water insects, dead fish, water reeds, hyacinths, flycatchers, fork tail birds, grass, thorns, algae ...... They drew wonderful sketches and wrote descriptions of what they saw.  A sample of the water was taken and the children were surprised at how it was teeming with life - bugs, worms, and whatnot! Though not an official part of the field trip, the kids found a dead dog and spent time observing how its body was decomposing into a skeleton.
MashaAllah the kids were not at all queasy or afraid to get their hands muddied after initial hesitation! Isn't that the perfect making for mini scientists?