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Student Inaya, 8, gives presentation on her grandmother's childhood.

posted 5 Feb 2011, 19:30 by Webmaster Alqamar   [ updated 5 Feb 2011, 19:33 ]
The ABL children have been working on a project "Childhood Then & Now". For this they researched and contrasted the childhood of their grandparent/ parent and their own. The children brainstormed the questions to be asked, conducted the interviews and collated them.  Our student, Inaya Mansoor, 8, gave a powerpoint presentation to the ladies attending the EI workshop, on her portion of the school project.
She spoke about her Grandmother's childhood in the 1960's in Erode - how her grandmother's house was the first to receive electricity, how the kids walked to school - without chappals, how they rode on bullock carts or horse drawn carts, how junk food then was fruits or freshly made snacks unlike today. MashaAllah Inaya spoke with clarity and confidence way over her young 8 years! We have a budding public speaker coming up InshaAllah