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Student learn to design board games

posted 16 Aug 2017, 20:13 by Webmaster Alqamar

Most kids play board games - but how many get to create and design one?

Elementary students at Al Qamar got just that opportunity working with Santhosh of Bambaram Toy Library. They're undergoing a 3 part workshop series of which the first was held yesterday. Eventually, they will end up designing their own board game after designing and prototyping mentored by Santhosh.

After an ice breaker, children played Scattergories to get a flavour of a board game. Santhosh then handed out different board games - Checkers, Spell-o-fun, Taboo, Rush Hour etc. The challenge - create or modify this into a new game. The kids came up with all sorts of ideas. Some even tested their new game by playing it.

One group modified Othello into an interesting one - a player can choose whether to flip the opponent's coins or add some of her own. Another group created new rules for Rush Hour - where an ambulance has to get out. A third team created a chess like game from checkers - where the coins occupy a triangular space in a corner.

Next week - designing their own board game with pieces, rules, themes etc. Some of them already asked Santhosh "Are you going to make us famous with this ?" ;)