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Students attend hands on History workshop

posted 16 Sep 2015, 20:33 by Webmaster Alqamar   [ updated 16 Sep 2015, 20:33 ]

Many children complain that "history is boring" Not Al Qamar students after a wonderful and enlightening Pre history workshop at the Sharma Heritage Museum.

Primary students attended the first of 3 workshops on pre history. This one was on stone tool making.

The children donned the archaeologist's hat - they carefully dug in soil to find artifacts, sifted the mud, measured and photographed artifacts, and made a map of the site.

They learned how to make stone tools and saw how these can cut leather and trees.

The children were delighted when they beheld and actually held fossils in their hands.

Thank you Dr. Pappu, Dr. Akhilesh and everyone at the Sharma Heritage Museum who ignited children's passion for history. What a wonderful experience on Teachers Day!!!