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Students sponsor iftaar at Injambakkam mosque

posted 1 Aug 2013, 07:45 by Webmaster Alqamar   [ updated 1 Aug 2013, 07:45 ]
The 4th, 6th & 7th graders at Al Qamar took on household chores during Ramadhan for which they earned a salary. Typical earnings were between Rs. 100-Rs 200/ - for the month.

MashaAllah these children have contributed their salaries to sponsor Iftaar at Injambakkam mosque and buy small packets of dates for 15 different mosques. 

The purchased packets of dates are being distributed through the children to their local mosques as contributions from "The children of Al Qamar". May Allah accept their sacrifice and reward them abundantly in this life and in the hereafter.