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"Turtle Man" visits Al Qamar

posted 28 Mar 2012, 03:57 by Webmaster Alqamar   [ updated 28 Mar 2012, 03:57 ]
"Hafiz Uncle", the turtle man visited Al Qamar again today with a real live turtle. The children were delighted to touch, hold and feel the turtle. They saw it swim in its jar, walk across the room, retreat into its shell and poke its little head out again. Hafiz Bhai narrated a short story about three turtles. He talked about how newspaper, plastic and lights on beaches during turtle nesting season cause the death of so many turtles. ""When someone visits your home, you don't throw garbage at him, do you? Then this entire earth is all our home for all the creatures. We should be careful not to hurt them".  The kids had many questions "How can we help protect turtles?",""How do turtles lay eggs"", "How do the turtles find their way back to the beach they were born on?". The last questions really raises wonder in our minds. Modern ships, with latest technology, lost on the sea cannot find their way back without help, but a simple creature like a turtle can. Its truly a wonder of Allah SWT!

Turtle Man visits again!