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Turtles visit Al Qamar Academy

posted 15 Feb 2011, 08:01 by Webmaster Alqamar   [ updated 27 Apr 2011, 04:00 ]
Mr. Hafiz Khan of EZone's "Save a Turtle" visited Al Qamar Academy today. He talked to the children about how the turtles arrive at the Chennai coast and lay eggs, how the eggs hatch 45 days later and the little hatchlings make their way back to the sea. Unfortunately, he said, many turtle hatchlings do not survive the journey to the sea because of man made and natural reasons - lights on the beach make the hatchlings go in a direction opposite to the shore, crows eat the babies, plastic bags choke the adults. Al Qamar kids promised to do their part in saving turtles - by speading awareness, participating in beach clean ups and writing articles! The high point was the three baby Australian green back turtles which each child was allowed to hold. The complete euphoria on their faces was obvious! 

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