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Computer Lab inaugurated

posted 9 Aug 2011, 09:54 by Webmaster Alqamar   [ updated 12 Aug 2011, 04:14 ]
The computer lab at school was inaugurated on Monday 7th August by the sponsors, Br. Yoosuf and Sr. Fathima.
The couple were greeted by the students Arsh and Zaina from Montessori. Mujahid from ABL introduced the school as a "great place to learn" and explained the system. Siddiqa also from ABL described how she has been using the computers to learn about earthquakes. She said "If I simply sit and listen to a teacher talking I won't learn as much. On the computer I used the Internet to see videos, play games and learn facts about earthquakes." She thanked Br. Yoosuf and Sr. Fathima on behalf of all the students and teachers at Al Qamar. The children demonstrated how they use computers - to do Internet searches, make drawings using Paint, learn Arabic through online software and memorize the Quran by listening to Surahs.
The school purchased the latest Compaq All in One computers and an HP printer. A corner of the existing ABL classroom is dedicated to the computers - where children have direct access to the machines. Additionally the Qari and Arabic teachers both have a computer each to support their teaching.
We thank Br. Yoosuf and Sr. Fathima for their kind donation that made it possible for the school to incorporate the latest technology into the kids daily learning.  May Allah bless them in this world and the hereafter.

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