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Al Qamar kids recycle plastic bottles into beautiful artwork

posted 19 Oct 2011, 07:00 by Webmaster Alqamar   [ updated 19 Oct 2011, 07:11 ]

“ We should recycle plastic to save our environment. When plastic is on the soil, it is not fertile. When the plastic is burnt the air gets polluted" said Siddiqa, 9 years as Al Qamar Academy, International school launched a month long program to raise awareness in children about the three eco-R’s – Reduce, Recycle, Reuse using art! The campaign combines children’s inherent love for creative art with an important ecological message.  The school invited Ms. Salma of “Eco-Art” who specializes in turning all sorts of junk into beautiful creations.  Starting with plastic bottles, the month long art program will cover reuse of plastic bags, paper junk ranging from newspaper, magazines & cartons, and empty cans - items which frequently wind up in the garbage bin. Not being easily bio-degradable, these create a huge ecological impact on our environment.   

“It is pointless to simply lecture to children about recycling without showing them the ways to actually do something with the junk” said Aneesa Jamal, Correspondent of Al Qamar Academy.  The month long “Eco-Art” program integrates the artwork with discussions on the importance of reuse. Children are expected to complete projects by doing experiments and research on environmental impact of garbage. Eventually these children will become “eco-ambassadors” campaigning in their homes and neighbourhoods for recycling.

For the first session,  children brought waste plastic bottles from home.  Ms Salma taught them to cut these into two halves. The bottom half was used to create beautiful vases using glass paints and glitter. The top half was then turned into “art-flowers” by the boys. The girls created beautiful earrings.  Ms Salma showed the children how to make vases,  flowers, jewellery and coasters.  “I will never again throw away a bottle” said Sumaiyya, 10 years after the workshop.