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IRAP, (India's first Nasheed group) artists visit Al Qamar

posted 5 Mar 2012, 23:35 by Webmaster Alqamar   [ updated 5 Mar 2012, 23:58 ]

If you heard a bunch of Al Qamar kids yesterday making strange sounds, don’t worry. They weren’t going crazy – they were simply being “Beat Boxes”! They had spent half a day with Mohsin & Azeem from IRAP – India’s first Islamic nasheed group.  Mohsin started with a small demonstration of a cup full of water. “If you listen to music, “kolaveri di”, songs on TV etc, your mind will be like this cup – full and with no place for the Quran. It will be harder for you to memorize Allah’s words. But Nasheeds help you memorize also.” The presentation started with the children reciting the Asma ul Husna.  Perhaps the highlight of the show was the “Beat Box” – Azeem is the Beat Box!! Since the group does not even use the duff, Azeem provides all the background “sounds” to the lyrics. The kids learned to emit the “clicks, clucks, puffs, and other sounds and tried them out as accompaniment to “Months of Islam”, “My Mother” etc. They learned some of the words of IRAP’s 1st release “Power of Prayer” and also learned to do the Beat box with it! The whole presentation was very interactive and Mohsin had the kids eating out of his hands!