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Upcoming: Book Launch - Al Qamar child authors

posted 7 Jul 2017, 18:47 by Webmaster Alqamar
For children, by children
  • 12 children’s story books 
  • 12 child authors
  • 12 stories with a powerful message
  • 12 conscience stirrers
  • 12 calls to action
Al Qamar students worked with noted conservationist and nature educator K. Ramnath Chandrashekhar to write books for children on ecological and environmental issues. In doing so, they created fascinating worlds, filled with intriguing characters who raised our awareness on serious issues.
  • Come meet Ani – an adventurous bee who rebels against human bee keeping jailors.
  • Or travel with Beeno, the ball of fluff, who floats in a cloud over a garbage filled city.
  • Rally with Fazal at the Pallikarnai marsh against plastics which choke animals to death.
  • Go with Meela, the ant, on a mission to rescue her Queen from “Evil Scientists”
  • Or maybe evaporate and condense with Mr. Water Molecule whose water cycle leads him to interact with humans and their wasteful ways.
  • Weep with an Indian Citizen – the Neem tree - as his life ebbs during Vardah.
Come meet Kaua, Alagu, Nisha, Ruqia, and all their friends. Come be transported into wondrous worlds created by children for children……Maybe you’d be inspired to order a special autographed copy for yourself.