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Workshop on Emotional Intelligence held at Al Qamar Academy

posted 6 Feb 2011, 07:38 by Webmaster Alqamar   [ updated 6 Feb 2011, 07:40 ]
"Imagine this situation: Its a typical weekday morning and everyone in a family are rushing to get ready and leave for school/ office. Suddenly the son rushes in and accidentally knocks the tea onto his father! What do you think will be the reaction in the family?" Responses from the audeince varied from "anger', "helplessness", "frustration". "These are all negative emotions." said Sadiya Saleh, the presenter. "How could the family handle these in a positive manner?" This was one of the scenarios presented at the workshop on Emotional Intelligence held at Al Qamar Academy, Islamic school on Saturday, 5th February 2011. 

Emotional Intelligence is the combination of interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence. It is the ability to understand, manage and respond to other people's and one's own emotions. These are the two most important intelligences among the Multiple Intelligences a person has.  Research has shown that IQ only contributes to 20% of a person's success. The rest 80% is dependent on a person's Emotional Intelligence.  Emotional Quotient is the measure of one's Emotional Intelligence.

Unlike IQ, which is fixed from birth, EQ can be nurtured. Ms Saleh stressed the importance of nurturing EQ in our children in homes and schools. Negative emotions cause anger, frustration, helplessness and directly affect a child's learning ability.   The participants discussed how many situations that come up in their homes and classrooms, ranging from kids having temper tantrums in shops to adolescent indifference to learning, could be tackled using this approach. The first step is for the adult to model positive emotions - to always reassure the child that the adult cares for him.  "Firm, but calm" is the the most important way for disciplining.  The child should also be taught to identify and manage the negative emotions and reward himself for every situation where he was able to react positively.  

Al Qamar Academy, uses these approaches to nurture the Emotional Intelligences in children. As a school, it actively allows its children to experiment with interpersonal issues and teaches guidelines on conflict resolution, respect for each other and managing ones own emotions.