Al Qamar Academy strives for academic excellence by moulding self driven and independent learners whose conceptual understanding of a subject is real and deep.  To meet this goal, Al Qamar has adopted the Montessori method for Primary schooling and IGCSE for 6th - 10th grades. 


Al Qamar has developed and refined a toolkit of best practices in education. The Al Qamar approach ensures that each child is able to think and learn independently.  Many traditional practices like homework, test, exams are done away with. These are replaced with a high emphasis on reading, creative writing, independent assignments, challenging classes, research projects and oral expression.  Screen time is strongly discouraged.

Educational excellence is encouraged, nay, celebrated at Al Qamar.  Children strive to better themselves. They are able to work without spoon feeding, tuitions, or home assistance.  They read with comprehension, write independently, articulate their ideas, think out of the box and express creatively.


EI Asset examination

All students from Grades 6-10 and selected students from lower classes take the EI Asset exam annually. This national examination taken by 3 Lakh students across India and the UAE, measures "real" learning in English, Maths & Science. AL Qamar students are benchmarked with the best students nationally via this examination.  

Edexcel Checkpoint examination

Edexcel Checkpoint examinations will be offered for Grade 5 & 8 from 2017-18 InshaAllah.  Grade 10 students take the IGCSE examination. 

Edexcel IGCSE 

Grade 10 have been appearing for the Cambridge IGCSE. However from 2017-18, students will appear for the Edexcel examinations.
Montessori Methodology

The Montessori method was introduced by Dr. Maria Montessori, an educationist and child specialist in the early 20th century. Today over a 100 years later, there are more than 7000 Montessori schools worldwide.

The Montessori method sees the purpose of education as än aid to life". The method is based on observations of children and understanding their needs and requirements to develop themselves into fully grown adult.  The methodology covers the entire childhood period - from babyhood to adulthood. 
Pre Primary Montessori caters to children from 2.5 years - 6 years.  Elementary Montessori is for children from 2nd grade - 5th grade.

Hifz, Tilawah & Islamic Studies

Tilawah and Hifz are a regular part of the curriculum. Students demonstrating clear ability for memorizing are put in a special Hifz group.

Islamic Studies is an integrated part of the curriculum in all classes.

IGCSE Curriculum

The IGCSE is a challenging program for children in Grades 6 - 10. The curriculum develops strong language, math and science skills. 

Class sizes are small - with usually 6-10 children only. Highly qualified professionals work with the students to provide a top notch learning environment. 

Classes are held as group discussions and teacher driven sessions. Children are expected to contribute actively, complete assignments independently, read extensively and be self driven. Learning is supplemented with group projects, research work, oral presentations, excursions and guest lectures. Children also actively participate in intra school events. 

Spark Science, Potpourri, Big History project, Challenger Maths are some of the programs to teach science, language and social sciences.  

There is no homework.  Follow on work in all subjects is completed at school itself to ensure that children work independently. 

 Exams start from the 9th grade.  

Hifz is discontinued except for children who are on the formal Hifz program.