Education is the making of a human being. What sort of person does Al Qamar shape?                               


An Al Qamar student stands out because of his confidence, creativity, expressiveness and wide knowledge all rooted in Islam. Our children receive the best possible education, interact comfortably with adults from all walks of life, confidently articulate their thoughts, get published in national newspapers, conduct science research projects, run social campaigns and conduct business!   


Al Qamar Academy was established in 2009 by Al Qamar Trust, a charitable, non profit registered Trust.  The school was founded by IITian Hauroon Jamal and his wife Aneesa Jamal, MBA, University of Washington. The school blends cutting edge educational practices with Islamic tarbiyah to provide a world class education to students.

The "micro" school is affiliated to Edexcel, a Pearson company offering IGCSE qualifications. It is also recognized by the Indian Montessori Council. 

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