Al Qamar is India's first Islamic Montessori school. Combining the best of Islamic tarbiyah, child oriented pedagogy and focus on independent learning, Al Qamar, a "micro" school, occupies a niche position among schools.

Established by IIT'ian Hauroon Jamal & US educated, Aneesa Jamal, the school has produced outstanding scholars. Al Qamar students have ranked nationally as Asset Talent Scholars, performed superbly in the Xth class Cambridge IGCSE examinations, won prizes in international math competitions, authored books, designed games and have benchmarked themselves with tough competition both internationally and nationally.

Al Qamar was awarded the "Best Institution for Science Teaching" award in 2009. It has been selected as an "Asset Talent School" .

The "micro" school is affiliated to Edexcel, a Pearson company offering IGCSE qualifications. It is also recognized by the Indian Montessori Council.