Middle school is an elite program well suited to children who are top performers academically. The program further hones the life and learning skills in students through a challenging and diverse work. The experience is a blend of classroom lectures, workshops, independent projects and external visits.

English, Maths, Arabic, Science, Islamic Studies, Ecology are the subjects covered. In addition, there are other programs to inculcate original thinking, creativity and logical skills:

  • The Spark Science Club sessions introduce children to inquiry based science where students conduct experiments and projects using the scientific method. The sessions are led by IITian Hauroon Jamal.
  • Challenger Math Club sessions are led by IITian Hauroon Jamal for children who have demonstrated high order mathematical thinking. The sessions lay the foundation for the integrated IIT JEE preparation course in later years.
  • Self Directed Learning (SDL) is a compulsory program where children select topics of their own interest and choosing. They conduct research and write a report which strives to present an original insight.
  • The Ecology program is conducted by the Pitchandikulum Forest Consultants builds a deep understanding of local environmental issues and concerns.
  • The Public Speaking Program

Middle school at Al Qamar consists of Grades 5-8 and follows the IGCSE curriculum.