Imagine starting the day by making buttermilk, popping out to the yard to make a sand castle, coming right back in to snuggle into the reading corner with a book, getting invited by a friend to do some multi digit addition, while snacking on some cucumbers cut up by another friend. Unbelievable? Well, it's a reality in a Montessori classroom!

Al Qamar sees the purpose of education to be "an aid to life". The Montessori environments are scientifically prepared to meet the needs of the child. The prepared environment and trained teachers enable each child to develop himself or herself according to his or her inner needs or fitrat. Al Qamar provides freedom of choice in mixed age group environments to enable children to learn how to make responsible choices in their path of learning. Children learn language, mathematics, geometry, art, geography while developing interpersonal skills, respectful behaviour and independence. Arabic & Islamic Studies are integrated into the regular Montessori method.

While there are no schoolbags, homework or tests, children are expected to spend time reading or being read to daily. This constitutes "homework". They are also expected to manage themselves independently - from feeding, toileting, choosing clothes, managing their possessions etc. Additionally, screen time is strongly discouraged for all children. Montessori is a holistic approach where the school and home values and methods have to align.

Al Qamar is a wholly Montessori school with staff trained and certified by the Indian Montessori Council. The school is recognised by the Indian Montessori Council.

The Montessori method was introduced by Dr. Maria Montessori, an educationist and child specialist in the early 20th century. Today over a 100 years later, there are more than 7000 Montessori schools worldwide.