"How can children learn without homework or exams?" is an oft asked question.

At Al Qamar they learn. And learn well. By 6, most children are reading story books, by 7 they're writing stories. By 12, they've not only been deriving formulae in maths, but can draw a map of Africa from scratch, design a scientific investigation, conduct and present research, produce wonderful art, and run successful businesses.

Al Qamar has developed myriad innovative pedagogical techniques to make learning fun and long lasting. The approach is twin pronged. On one end, the focus is on enabling children to learn independently by stimulating their curiosity, developing their critical & logical thinking, and honing their power of oral & written expression. Do read our articles on Innovative Pedagogy on our blog.

On the other hand, Al Qamar students do not face unnatural stress in the form of exams, tests or homework. Children complete all work at school itself, leaving their evenings free to pursue whatever other interests they may have. As screen time is strongly discouraged, children spend their time in what has been proven to be essential for the development of their minds - free play, reading, conversations, board games, lego, art .....

Al Qamar Academy follows the internationally renowned Montessori methodology for the Primary years - from 2.5 years - 12 years. Thereafter, the Edexcel IGCSE curriculum is used. Islamic Studies, Arabic, Tilawah & Tahfeez form a core part of the curriculum.

Al Qamar is recognized by the Indian Montessori Council and is affiliated to the Pearson Edexcel Board.