“I learnt that the method of imparting education in this institution is unique and my interaction with the children confirmed my assessment”

Justice Ibrahim Khalifullah, ex-Judge, Supreme Court of India

I learnt of Al Qamar Academy in 2010, probabaly soon after the inception of the school, when they adopted 'Small Science', the books of the Homi Bhabha Curriculum for Primary Science developed by the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE), Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), in Mumbai. At that time I was Dean of the HBCSE faculty after which for five years I was the Centre Director. I would receive reports from the correspondent Ms. Aneesa Jamal regarding their experiences with 'Small Science'. These reports made me realise that Al Qamar was no ordinary school. The inquiry oriented learning followed at Al Qamar served as a model for other schools seeking to adopt the curriculum. Later in 2016 I spent a six month sabbatical in Chennai during which time I visited the school regularly to study their teaching methodology and to further help in the documentation of their experiences with 'Small Science'. The reports from the school find a place on the HBCSE Small Science website at: http://smallscience.hbcse.tifr.res.in/category/view-from-the-classroom/al-qamar-academy-chennai/.

Innovative teaching and learning methodologies have been the hallmark of Al Qamar Academy, not just in science but in language, mathematics, history, geography and environmental studies. It is very striking to an outside observer how Al Qamar locates the best resources available internationally, nationally and locally in the city of Chennai, all in the cause of the children's education. Ms. Aneesa regularly shares her experiences on the school's Facebook page and also on the Small Science WhatsApp group. These experiences have been a beacon for other schools. I personally know the examples a Delhi Public School in Punjab, a new school in Indore started by IITians and two schools from Vellore district that have been inspired by Al Qamar's example. Beyond Al Qamar's excellent work done with their own students, this leadership role taken by the school is unique and extremely valuable to education in the country.

I heartily wish the school all success in expanding their work to reach more students as well as spreading progressive educational ideas in India.

Prof. Jayashree Ramdas, TIFR Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences, ex Centre Director, Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, TIFR, Mumbai

I came prepared to like and admire what you do at Al Qamar, but after seeing even a bit of it I am deeply delighted. Now it is more like the concern one feels for loved ones, like the way I asked you about how you manage to take parents along, how you battle the craze for performance that plagues our society. This is a school with a soul, and hence precious!

Prof. R. Ramanujam, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, INSA Awardee

During the last ten years, I have visited over 300 schools in India and around the world to conduct outreach programs for children to connect them with nature. In my ten-years of experience, I hold Al Qamar Academy in high regard for their vision and their approach to education. They practice child oriented learning in all their initiatives and enable holistic development of all their students. Al Qamar’s teachers are self-motivated and do everything they can to ensure that their students flourish in flying colours both in academics and as responsible stewards in the society. I have observed these traits since the last two years of collaborating with the school for a few projects.

In spite of being a micro-school, Al Qamar has a range of programs like book writing and terrace gardening workshops; lectures are spread across diverse topics; events, clubs and, finally initiatives for their students parents and grand parents.

I strongly believe that, Al Qamar needs all the support to amplify their impact and enable a generation of children succeed as responsible citizens of our country.

Ramnath Chandrashekhar, documentary filmmaker and a conservation educator.

Al Qamar is a unique school...one with a difference. We have held workshops on archaeology for their children for the past 5  years. In our interaction with these children, it is clear that the school has special methods of education that brings alive creativity, curiosity and innovation in the child. Their level of general knowledge is exceptional, as also their self confidence and spirit of enquiry and love for their school and teachers. The school has sent their children to us to learn different aspects of archaeology, way before most other schools realised the value of alternate learning methods. In addition, we read about their activities in school from story building to writing their own books...that testify to the dynamic education modules in the school's philosophy. We wish them a long and prosperous future.

Shanti Pappu, Founder/ Secretary, Sharma Centre for Heritage Education, former Professor of Prehistory at the Deccan College Postgraduate & Research Institute.

"Alhamdulillah I am impressed by the dedication and effort to start a school with Islamic values and worldly knowledge comprising of best quality of education. There is a lot of attention given to hand on and enquiry based methodology for healthy development of curious minds of children. Certainly this type of teaching will help them learn basic concepts. My lot of good wishes for this school. InshaAllah, this school will shine."

Dr. Qazi S. Azher MD, Michigan

"Having seen your school Al Qamar functioning from close quarters for the past couple of years, the dedication and commitment of your staff and your ‘out-of –box’ thinking on education shifting from ‘Teaching mode’ to ‘Learning mode’ and the resultant performance of your budding scientists convinced all of us that this model of education is best suited to all of us. "

Dr. A.M. Salahuddin, Secretary, Anjuman e Himayath e Islam

"If you think your child should not just go to school but develop holistically with knowledge and experience of learning, understanding and doing... with ample opportunities to interact with learned visitors and participation in science fairs and competitions also with an inborn zeal to participate and not to compete... making a child respect and recognise its peer... and more than most if you wish to “allow your child to be a child”... then the choice is just one... AL QAMAR."

Dr. Sultan Ismail, famous Scientist & Educator