“I learnt that the method of imparting education in this institution is unique and my interaction with the children confirmed my assessment”

Justice Ibrahim Khalifullah, Judge, Supreme Court of India

"Alhamdulillah I am impressed by the dedication and effort to start a school with Islamic values and worldly knowledge comprising of best quality of education. There is a lot of attention given to hand on and enquiry based methodology for healthy development of curious minds of children. Certainly this type of teaching will help them learn basic concepts. My lot of good wishes for this school. InshaAllah, this school will shine."

Dr. Qazi S. Azher MD, Michigan

"Having seen your school Al Qamar functioning from close quarters for the past couple of years, the dedication and commitment of your staff and your ‘out-of –box’ thinking on education shifting from ‘Teaching mode’ to ‘Learning mode’ and the resultant performance of your budding scientists convinced all of us that this model of education is best suited to all of us. "

Dr. A.M. Salahuddin, Secretary, Anjuman e Himayath e Islam

"If you think your child should not just go to school but develop holistically with knowledge and experience of learning, understanding and doing... with ample opportunities to interact with learned visitors and participation in science fairs and competitions also with an inborn zeal to participate and not to compete... making a child respect and recognise its peer... and more than most if you wish to “allow your child to be a child”... then the choice is just one... AL QAMAR."

Dr. Sultan Ismail, famous Scientist & Educator