Hauroon Jamal

Founder & Director

Hauroon, is a B.Tech from IIT Madras. He worked with top multinational companies like Microsoft and Infosys. He was also a consultant to various companies in India before switching full time to education.

Hauroon drives the pedagogy and the STEM program at Al Qamar Academy.

He designed the inquiry based science workshops where middle school students learned important physics concepts through experimentation & investigation. Hauroon designs and conducts the higher order thinking math classes consisting of math and logical thinking puzzles.

Hauroon created the Self-Directed Learning (SDL) program at Al Qamar. In the SDL program, middle school students choose topics of their interest to research and share with the wider Al Qamar community. Students have learned juggling, practised calligraphy, researched architecture, history of cooking stoves and bird migrations.

He has been conducting college prep classes in Physics & Maths. His students gained admission to Stanley Medical College, National Institute of Science Education & Research (NISER), & UTM Malaysia.

He can be contacted at hauroon@alqamaracademy.in

Aneesa Jamal

Founder & Correspondent

Aneesa Jamal is an alumna of Smith College, USA & an MBA from the University of Washington. She founded and currently heads Al Qamar Academy, a innovation driven micro-school in Chennai India. Prior to Al Qamar, she worked with multinationals like Microsoft, AT&T, Modi Xerox & Price Waterhouse. Aneesa has been teaching for the past 11 years.

Her students have won top prizes at the Robinage Bright Sparks national writing competition from 2017-2020. 13 of her students e-published books at https://issuu.com/alqamaracademy on environmental/ social consciousness themes in a collaboration with Ramnath Chandrashekhar, noted environmental educator. Aneesa's students' work regularly appears in Robinage, a national children's magazine and in the Young World, a publication of The Hindu. An initiative to promote original & creative thinking resulted in 6 students designing ready-to-play board games. The school also releases student designed calenders annually.

Aneesa has designed and implemented a robust reading program at Al Qamar whereby most children naturally become readers within a few years. Several alumnae exceed American reading level benchmarks when transferring to US schools.

Under Aneesa's mentorship, Al Qamar students have participated in the Young Writer's Program for the past 7 years. In 2019, they students collectively penned over 200,000 words in a single month - creating stories and narratives. Two fully published novels, have emerged out of this effort.

All these programmatic efforts have resulted in excellent results in the Edexcel Primary level Achievement exams and EI Asset national benchmarks. where several students rank in the top 10 percentile in English nationally.

Aneesa handles pedagogy & new program development at Al Qamar. She also conducts trainings & workshops for educators. She can be contacted at correspondent@alqamaracademy.in.